Pixi phaser bug must be fixed

I had a error with QICI destroying objects when i try to destroy an UIText.
First happen when i try to change state and throw the error.
then i started to destroy each object in scene one by one and when i reached this UIText throws and error
(i had to replace http://  with /
Error:[Error: Cannot read property 'game' of null]
qc-core-debug.js:210 TypeError: Cannot read property 'game' of null
    at PIXI.DisplayObject.maybeOutWorld (/
    at PIXI.DisplayObject.destroy (/
    at Phaser.Component.Destroy.destroy (/
    at Phaser.Group.removeAll (h/
    at Phaser.Group.destroy (/
    at phaser.destroy (/
    at Node.destroyImmediately (/
    at //
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at World.preUpdate (/ @ qc-core-debug.js:210Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF @ qc-core-debug.js:10269_onLoop @ phaser.js:44904
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now i was able to replicate it
y created a ui text as a child in heirachy. hten i changed  it to bitmap font then asigend and move a little
then when y try to destroy it throws and error and if I try to change it from bitmap font to System the editor collapses.


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It's a bug is 1.0.6, we will fix it in next version, currently you can change the qc-core-debug.js source code as below, adding a null check for this.stage varible
PIXI.DisplayObject.prototype.maybeOutWorld = function() {
if (this.game)
this.game._qc && this.game._qc.dirtyRectangle.redirectDirty(this._currWorldBounds);
else if (this.stage) {
this.stage.game._qc && this.stage.game._qc.dirtyRectangle.redirectDirty(this._currWorldBounds);

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