Cursor pointer

Can anyone tell me how to make a cursor visual pointer on some element hover?
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1、You can do like this, the code is shown as below:
// define a user behaviour
var Pointer = qc.defineBehaviour('qc.demo.Pointer',qc.Behaviour,function(){
//save old mouse style
this.oldCursor = '';

// Called when the script instance is being loaded.
Pointer.prototype.awake = function(){

var self = this;

// listen the mouse into target area

//save old mouse style
self.oldCursor =;

//set the mouse style to be pointer"pointer";

//listen the mouse leave target area

//restore the old mouse style = self.oldCursor;
Runtime, rendering as below,


2、If it is Dom node,you can add the code as below in css/style.css:
cursor: pointer;
Runtime, rendering as below,



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