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Hello guys! i am making a backgammon game where i have dice roll animation, im using sprite frame animation, First i created sprite animation from fames which were located in assets/textures folder (not atlas) and ther was a problem with animation, Animation was lagging for first time, second and third it was fine, But then i created atlas of this dice image frames and made new animation from it, and its fine now no lags on first or second time when animation runs. But the problem is the sound, dice roll animation need its sound, and here i have same problem when sound plays first time, sound does not lags or something but when sound plays its first time (sound and animation are called at the same time almost, first i call animation then sound) it lags the animation, after when sound is played once it does not makes any issues for animation, so i want to know if there is something like atlas for sound or any methods to preload sound so it will not make any problem for animation.
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